ELK Information Technologies LTD  is a leading provider of Information Technology services, specializing in integration solutions and  system maintenance. 

We represent leading international software vendors in Israel, while providing solutions for the gaps in the Enterprise & SMB systems arena, mainly for system administration, backup, storage, high availability and Data Bases. 

We will also meet your professional services' needs by matching our skilled professionals as outsourcing consultants to your company.

For solution providers, understanding technology is not enough.  It is essential to be able to understand your business. ELK Information Technologies has been concentrating on supporting customers' business needs.  Leveraging over our experience, we help you plan, implement and manage technology to advance the departmental or corporate goals for your organization. We are an interdisciplinary team of IT managers, process specialists, project managers, systems engineers, and system experts who focus on meeting your business requirements.

We don't presuppose the solution you need. Instead, we help you to ask the right questions, understand the underlying business processes and achieve your critical business objectives.

We believe that:

Impossible isn't a fact. It's an opinion.